Freedom On Canvas

Freedom on Canvas is our all inclusive offering, where you’ll be given a 20”x24” canvas, acrylic paint (17 colours), wide variety of pallet knives & brushes, 20 shades of soft pastels, charcoal sticks & you will also have full access to our entire collection of spray paints.

You can create using few of those tools or all of them together, just express yourself without fear, live in the moment & create. One more thing, if you make something you don’t like you don’t have to live with it, simply scrape the paint off & start again. You can do this as many times as you like. Freedom is one of our core values & we want you to experience it to its fullest.

We at Shades of Joy believe freedom is the key that unlocks creativity. Join us & be free.


The spinning wheel will center your mind, heart & soul. Your entire being will fall to rest as your palms will mold a lump of clay into a beautiful form of existence. Create or play, either way you will fall in love with the serene experience that only this form of art can deliver.

We will provide you with unlimited high quality stoneware clay, along with a top of the line Pottery machine featuring an AC Single phase motor with gear box, variable speed, & reverse & forward spinning. Think of this as the Mercedes of pottery machines.We will also provide you with 17 tools that will allow you to add patterns & designs to your creation.

Join us & let’s spin the wheel & create with clay!

Alcohol Ink

This form of art will expand your mind with its hypnotic manifestation & mesmerising textural architecture. We will provide you with 11 alchol inks (colours), high quality isopropyl blending solution, rollers, brushes, sponges & ridiculously tall straws for the most comfortable experience.

Join us & drown yourself in the beautiful enchanted world of alcohol Ink Art!

Fluid Art

Fluid art enthusiasts look no further we got all that you need & more. 17 shades of acrylic paint, pouring medium, silicon oil, butane gas torch et cetera. You can choose between a 12”x16” or a 20”x24” canvas that you can pour colour onto to your heart’s content, & drown your canvas in the immersive colours & textures that only fluid art can produce.

Resin Art

Resin Art has hyper realistic form & it takes the shape of whatever you pour it into & holds whatever you put within it. The potential of this art form is truly limitless!

We will provide you with top quality resin + hardener (300g or 1,200g), 20 shades of high quality pigments, wide variety of silicon moulds, crystals, rocks & other random ridiculous objects to put within your Resin Art.

Join Us & ride this trend of modern Art!

Baseball Bat Art

A 20”x24” canvas with two drilled holes will be suspended from the ceiling, four bowls full of four colours of your choice (60ml each) will be kept by your feet & a baseball bat will be handed to you. Dunk the bat in colour & take a shot. This art form is a real blast!

Join us & take a swing!

Clay Sculpting

Clay Sculpting will connect you to a euphoric sense of being & allow you to bring your imagination to life in 3D. The feel of clay on your palms will instantly relax you. You can create using known techniques or just play with clay. This form of art will bring to you a truly therapeutic experience.

We will provide you with 1kg of high quality European grey clay along with 17 sculpting tools that will allow you to sculpt your work down to the tiniest of details.

Join us & let’s play with clay!

T-shirt Painting

Paint a T-shirt - choose a white T-shirt in your size, express & create using 10 colours of high quality fabric paints & a wide variety of brushes. Wear your Expression!


Tie dye T-shirt’s are a joy to make & look like the best trip you could ever take. If bright & happy is your style, Tie Dye T-shirt’s are meant for you. choose a white T-shirt in your size, pick colours from the 18 available dyes (colours) & bring your T-shirt’s to life!