Corporate Edition

Professional life is largely goal oriented and deadline driven. This brings with it a certain amount of stress, leading to psycho-somatic diseases and depression. When this work stress gets compounded with problems in personal life and occurrences such as the Pandemic the ability to deliver on professional commitments gets greatly diminished. The WFH has created its own set of problems, such as isolation, boredom, and a lack of companionship. Art offers the only way out - We have superbly curated art activities that offer Joy, freedom from stress and negativity, a sense of serenity and enhancement of much needed attributes such as team- work and creativity. We are here to infuse your company with bright, happy colors, stress will vanish as joy will manifest within you & around you. Bring joy to your company - call Shades of Joy and unleash the Magic!

Shades of Joy Corporate Event

Team Work Program

The teamwork program is carefully & thoughtfully designed for a group to function as a team. A enormous Canvas will be provided along with unlimited colours. Where a group of upto 10 people will work togther to bright to life a pure masterpiece.

Each person will individually be asked what would they like to make, then after each has answered, together they must find a way to encorporate all the ideas into one monstorous painting.

20,000₹ - Per Group

Stress Relief Program

The stress relif Program is designed for each individual to seek & find the creativity we know exists within us all. A canvas along with with 17 shades of unlimited colour & absolute freedom will be provided. If someone makes something they don’t like they don’t have to live with it, they can simply scrape the paint off & start again. They can do this as many times as you like.

The end result has no value, its all about the experience & the joy expression. Stress will vanish & joy is all that will persist.

1,500₹ - Per Person