Shades of Joy Lifestyle, Fashion and Design items are exclusively showcased and sold at our pop up store events. We are currently hyper focused on the in-store experience and we are making the conscious choice not to sell online. We believe that to truly appreciate our clothing, a direct connection between the customer and the design is essential. This approach ensures that our clothes are not just seen but experienced. Each pop up store event is designed to bring our community together and expernace the latest in Shades of Joy - Lifestyle, Fashion and Design.

We have 3 key segemnts


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Shades of Joy Day2Day: Elevate everyday with Day2Day, where unmatched quality meets simplicity at an affordable price. Tailored for life's rhythm, each piece blends comfort with Style, Simplicity redefined.

Limited Edition

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Shades of Joy Limited Editon clothing is a curated collection where each T-shirt is a testament to rarity. With a fixed number crafted, once sold, their designs are destroyed forever and will never be recreated. Our Limited Editions are a true emblem of exclusivity.


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Shades of Joy Only1 is the ultimate Symbol of authenticity. Each piece in this collection will be the Only1 in the entire world. Each piece is a expressionistic masterpiece, meticulously handcrafted using propritery fabric art techniques. In a world of many, be the Only1.

We don't offer Returns, Trials or discounts.

Why do we do this ?

Our brand ethos centers on offering our customers an exclusive experience. We believe that each garment should be uniquely yours from it's conception to the moment it is yours. By not allowing trials or reruns, we ensure you're the first and only person to wear your purchase.


How can I ensure the right fit without trying the items on ?

We provide detailed sizing charts and guidance on measurements to help you find your perfect fit. For those who prefer a more tangible approach, we also provide plain T-shirts in every size, available exclusively for trial purposes. This ensures you can select the perfect size with confidence.

Are returns or exchanges allowed ?

We have a clear no return, no exchange policy. Given our commitment to ensuring every piece remains unworn before it is yous, we do not offer returns or exchanges. We encourage our customers to use our sizing charts or use the in store trial T-Shirts before making the purchase.

Why don't you offer Discounts ? 

We do not offer discounts because we are not eager to sell, we want our clothes purchased by people who identify with our brand and our values.