The Shades of Joy Foundation has been created to Aid & Educate people on causes that we believe are crucial in the present & will shape the future. We at Shades of Joy were never driven by money - it was all about ideology, philosophy & spreading freedom & joy. What has always excited us about money is the difference we can make with it to people’s lives & how we can guide the transformation of society. With those thoughts in mind - The Shades of Joy Foundation was built. We will be allocating 2% of monthly profits from all ventures under the Shades of Joy brand to the Foundation & its projects. We do not accept any donation. We over time will be creating events, products & NFTs - the proceeds of which will all be given to the foundation & its projects/causes. The Revolution is coming & it brings with it Freedom, Joy, Love & Prosperity. The Shades of Joy Foundation is dedicated to changing the World - Join us.

The Sharing of Prosperity Project - is dedicated to help & feed the poor & homeless. We are committed to spreading Joy & sharing Prosperity with those in need; The Sharing of Prosperity Project began as a humble effort to give back to those who were less fortunate. Today we feed nearly 200 people once a month. We have a vision for this project that will supersede this very humble start of feeding one meal to 200 people once a month. We seek to educate, house & truly spread prosperity & joy to all. We must all come together for a better tomorrow.

The allocation is used to buy food & go on a food distribution drive feeding the homeless & poor once a month in our city (Vadodara)

The POGO Project - is dedicated to animals. (Pogo was our puppy who passed away when he was just 8 weeks old, in his memory & love we have formed this project.) Animals are the purest souls - they don’t possess the complexities of the human mind hence emotionally they are always honest & loyal. We are developing & researching the best structure to help these amazing creatures. We would like to feed, house & help with their medical care. (The action plan for this project is under development)