Our Neon Paint Parties aren't just events; they're experiences that become Legend. We set cities ablaze with luminescent shades, transforming nights into vivid dreams, infusing each city with energy that blooms into positive vibration that stays on forever. Colours, Music & Culture Unite - All set under vibrant Neon Lights. Play, create, explore, discover. Transcend beyond & into our Neon World. Surrender to the rhythm & dance or become a slave to the beat. Paint your heart away or simply play with paint. Celebrate life with us, In a world where so much divides us, these nights unite us.





Partner with us 

Are you a cafe owner, venue owner or someone who just likes throwing wild parties - contact us & we can partner for our next party in your city at your venue. Leaving aside the monetary benefits of hosting our party at your venue, just the exposure alone will be well worth it. Our parties become talk of the city and will benefit the venue significantly.

We usually offer 10% of Total Revenue to our Venue Partner.

Why Us ?

We have systems in place for every aspect of the party - We have our own custom Party webpage. We have our own custom ticketing system that burns the ticket once it is scanned, making it impossible to duplicate. We have a gold mine of content from our previous parties, that we deploy using targeted advertising on Instagram leading up to each party. We have incredible reach on instagram, with our best reel crossing 6 million views. We have access to cost efficient materials for covering the space. We have streamlined the customer experience by tokenising each aspect of the party. We handpick the DJs for each party using our extensive knowledge of Techno & PSY Trance music. We understand every element of what makes a great party & we are fast progressing towards perfecting how to apply that knowledge.


We are open to sponsorships; however, we are specifically interested in partnering with brands that align with our values and objectives. We believe that a meaningful sponsorship should be a mutually beneficial collaboration that enhances the experience for our audience and reflects positively on both parties involved. Therefore, we carefully evaluate potential sponsorship opportunities to ensure they resonate with our brand identity and the interests of our community. If your brand shares our vision, we would love to explore the possibilities of working together to create a meaningful and impactful partnership. We only take on one sponsor per event and the sponsorship amout is set at ₹1 lakh.

Sponsorship Benefits

1. Brand Exposure: The Sponsor will gain extensive brand visibility and exposure to the event's attendees, participants, and potential customers with dedicated posters at the venue.

2. Logo/Name Placement: We will Display the Sponsor's logo/name on event materials such as banners, posters, flyers, and merchandise that will increase brand recognition.

3. Social Media Mentions and tags: The Sponsor will be mentioned and tagged on all our social media channels and on each post, story and reel that will lead to increased engagement and brand awareness.

4. Brand Association: By aligning with our event's values and theme, sponsors can create positive brand associations with attendees.

5. Post-Event Exposure: Sponsors can continue to receive exposure through post-event content sharing.

6. Enhanced web traffic: We will prominently feature our Sponsor on the ticket booking webpage with a clickable link, directing visitors to the sponsor's webpage, thereby increasing traffic to their site.