Who We Are

Shades of Joy Art Studio is a place of pure joy & creativity. We at Shades of Joy want you to channel your inner artist & express yourself with absolute Freedom & Joy. We are about self expression, not painting. It’s about emotion, not technique. Though these words refer to painting, the Philosophy behind them applies to everything that we do. This is not a class, we don’t want to teach you; we want you to be free & express yourself. We don’t judge or criticise ever - We want you to be happy & not worry. We want you to experience Freedom & Joy in all its glory.

Visit us & reveal yourself to yourself - smooth jazz will echo as you will find your groove. Use the brush & make the colours dance on the canvas or cover your feet in paint & literally dance on the canvas, we really don’t care. Be free, be joyful, live in the moment & create.

Our studio stands on four pillars





Though Art is what we are about on the surface, our foundation is deeply rooted within values & philosophical beliefs that we apply to everything that we do - Freedom, Joy, Love & Anarchy are not just words, they are the foundation of our existence.