Join Our Revolution!

Dive into a world where creativity knows no bounds. Our art studio franchise offers more than just a business opportunity; it is a chance to be at the forefront of a cultural renaissance. With a proven model, unparalleled support, and a brand that resonates with everyone from all walks life and all ages; from kids as young as 2 to elderly as old as 75. We are the go-to place whether it is a casual friends meetup, birthday celebrations, family get-togethers, play dates, dates, or corporate team-building activities, our studio is built for everyone & for every occasion.

Shades of Joy Art Studio is not about Art. As we often say - We are about self expression, not painting. It is about emotion, not technique.

What is the Open Studio Model

  1. The Open Studio model is a commercially designed approach that maintains the core values and experience of Shades of Joy while being scalable and operationally simple. The Open Studio has fixed timings for opening and closing. The Open Studio operates on walk-ins only, no prior booking is required. The space allows people to engage in uninhibited artistic expression, whether that involves painting walls, canvases, or playfully playing with paints. The Open Studio is an embodiment of the ultimate experience of expressionism and joy.

The Open Studio Model is ideal for

  1. The Open Studio model is ideal for everyone. It demands minimal time and attention and can be efficiently managed by a single trusted employee.

What Shades of Joy offers to it's Franchisees:

1. Prime Site Selection: Let us help you pinpoint the ideal location that aligns with your vision and our brand.

2. Tailored Interior Design & Layout: We provide expert insights into creating a space that's both functional and inspiring.

3. Curated Equipment Procurement: From selection to purchase and optimal placement, we have got you covered.

4. Trusted Vendor & Supplier Connections: Benefit from our established network, ensuring quality and value.

5. Training Program: Our comprehensive training program entails an in-depth overview of operational systems and best studio practices, delivered directly at your location to your employees over a span of 2 days.

6. Centerilised Digital Operations: We will fully integrate the franchise into our website and into our AI powered customer care center. All social media Posts, Reels & Stories will be handled by our Digital Operations team. We will also list your location on Google & optimise your SEO.

7. Strategic Advertising Assistance: Leverage our expertise in effective promotional strategies tailored for rapid growth.

8. Exclusive Territory Rights: Each franchisee gets exclusive rights to operate within a defined territory/area, minimizing competition and ensuring a dedicated customer base.

9. Continuous Support & Troubleshooting: When you are aiming for growth or facing challenges, our team stands by your side, ensuring your success.

10. Brand Power: Use of the "Shades of Joy" name and trademark.

What is required of a Franchisee


  • The Studio will require a minimum of 4,500 square feet, detailed as follows:

  • Main studio: 4,000 square feet
    - Paint Bar + Supply storage: 200 square feet. 

    A toilet/washroom is essential on the premises.

    Parking facility for minimum 20 cars should be available.

  • Ideally, the space should be situated in a prime area and should be easily accessible.



Financially, there should be a capacity to invest around 4 lacs. (This excludes the franchise fee, location rent (if applicable), structural and interior costs but encompasses working capital & equipment cost)


Manager - The Studio will require an individual with good managerial & communication skills.

Helper - A helper will be required to tape & fill the paint bottles every few days along with a few other tasks.

Cleaner - A cleaner will be required to dust and mop the entire space & keep the washroom clean.

Franchise Fees

Franchise Structure

Franchise Fee - ₹5 lacs.

Royalty - 10% of Monthly Revenue.

Territorial Rights: Exclusive rights for a radius of 10km.

Annual Renewal Fees - ₹2 lacs

Master Franchise Structure (City Wide)

Franchise Fee - ₹25 lacs.

Royalty - 15% of Monthly Revenue from all locations of the City.

Territorial Rights: Entire City.

Annual Renewal Fees: ₹5 lacs.

Master Franchise Structure (State Wide)

Franchise Fee - ₹40 lacs.

Royalty - 15% of Monthly Revenue from all locations of the State.

Territorial Rights: Entire State.

Annual Renewal Fees - ₹10 lacs.