The “Sharing of Prosperity” Project

We are committed to spreading joy & sharing prosperity with all; no matter who you are, we have love for you! The Sharing of Prosperity project began as a humble effort to give back to those who were less fortunate. Since the inception of this project it has been about selling art made by people & directing the full proceeds to buy & distribute food to the homeless & poor of Vadodara. Though we have sold no paintings we have kept going & continued with our project from profits of our Studio. Hence we are now withdrawing the aspect of selling paintings entirely & moving into a new model for our project.

We will direct 2% of our monthly profits to this project from which we will buy food & go on a food distribution drive every month. We welcome you to be a part & contribute in anyway you like.

We have a vision for this project that will supersede this very humble start of feeding one meal to a hundred plus people once a month. We seek to educate, house & truly spread prosperity & joy to all. We must all come together for a better tomorrow. Let us live & love together, let’s grow & flourish together, let’s prosper together & be happy together.