Shades of Joy
Alcohol Ink kit Kits

This is the perfect kit for anyone looking to experience Alcohol Ink Art for the first time. It contains all that you would need to get started.

Zen Alchol Ink Kit contains- 2 Colours of Your Choice - 1 A3 Porcelain paper - 1 Blending solution - 5 Straws.

This kit is ideal for anyone looking to often indulge in the beautiful Art of Alcohol Ink.

Euphoria Alchol Ink Kit contains - 5 Colours of Your Choice - 3 A3 Porcelain Papers - 3 Blending Solution - 8 Straws.

Shades of Joy Euphoria Alchol Ink Kit - Shades Of Joy

Shades of Joy Nirvana Alchol Ink kit - Shades Of Joy

If You love alcohol Ink art & can’t get enough of it; This is the kit for you.

Shades of Joy Nirvana Alchol Ink kit Contains - 6 Colours of Your Choice - 3 Porcelain Papers - 2 11”x16” Acrylic Sheets - 5 Blending Solutions - 11 Straws.

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The Expression Box

We at shades of Joy love being different, We love moving against the wind, We love playing with fire & We thrive outside the box so naturally when the time came to create a box design for our Alcohol Ink Kits We stayed true to ourselves & created the expression box! At conception it is like any other high end porcelain white cardboard box but then a few stokes of the brush, or a little splatter of colour, or a quick glaze of spray paint or even some alcohol ink & suddenly an ordinary box transforms into an expression box. These boxes are pure expression they are not tinted with thought so don’t look for symmetry or form. Every box is unique just like you.